In 2015, Trump Referred To Meryl Streep As “Excellent; She’s A Fine Person, Too”

Posted on January 09, 2017, 6:08 pm
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Talking Points Memo:

While Donald Trump may not have had kind words for 3-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep after her speech railing against him at the Golden Globes Sunday night, he was singing a different tune as recently as 2015.

In an interview flagged by US Weekly, Trump told The Hollywood Reporter that Streep was “excellent” and praised her character.

The plaudits come from a THR profile of Trump from when he began taking the lead among a sea of Republican candidates in the presidential primary. Trump was asked to name his favorite actress and Streep came to mind, along with her friend and sometimes co-star, Julia Roberts.

“Julia Roberts is terrific, and many others,” he told THR. “Meryl Streep is excellent; she’s a fine person, too. The problem is I’ll name three or four or five [actresses] and then the hundred that I know will be insulted, and I don’t mean to insult them.”

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