California Senate Passes Bill Restricting Gifts From Drug Companies To Doctors

Posted on May 19, 2017, 4:41 pm
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California is on track to approve legislation that will help ensure all health care providers act in the best interest of their patients.

SB 790, which passed the Senate Thursday, places restrictions on financial benefits that pharmaceutical companies might offer to doctors and other medical professionals.

According to local station KRCR News, doctors receiving benefits like meals, travel, speaking fees and royalties are two to three times more likely to prescribe brand-name medications than their generic, less expensive counterparts.

Senator Mike McGuire told the station, “I’ll be the first to say that the vast majority of physicians and medical professionals put the needs of their patients first.” But he added that a growing body of evidence supports the fact that “financial incentives change minds.”

The senator noted that California leads the nation in gifts received by health care providers and that “voluntary efforts are not enough.”

The bill is awaiting approval by the Assembly.