Children Are Dying Because Idaho Law Protects Faith Healing; GOP Lawmaker Will Not Even Hold Hearing

Posted on January 19, 2016, 6:59 pm
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CBS is reporting that faith healing has a defender in the Idaho State Senate.

According to the report, “Some of these kids [have] died of curable or treatable ailments like diabetes, pneumonia and dehydration from food poisoning“.


The State of Idaho legally protects the practice and practitioners of faith healing.  Chairman of Idaho’s Senate Health and Welfare Committee  Republican Lee Heider seems to be ok with keeping the law as it is.

I believe the law is pretty straightforward. We would encourage them to seek medical care. But we don’t force people to seek medical care and whether it’s because they can’t afford it or in this case because of their heart felt religious belief we simply don’t do that.”

Right now, the State’s Attorney General, Linda Martin, is attempting to add language that would mandate seeking real medical help for any child who is ‘harmed or sickened or dies‘.

Senator Heider has no plans to present a bill that would add the Attorney General’s recommended language but he is open to ‘holding a hearing’ on it.

Martin, obviously dismayed, said, “As long as these laws are active in Idaho, children are going to continue to die.”