Ex-NYPD Cop Gets Nine Years For Nearly Shooting To Death Two People While Intoxicated: ‘I Am Truly Sorry’

Posted on April 14, 2016, 11:46 am
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The New York Daily News:

An ex-NYPD cop convicted of blasting away at two strangers during a night-long bender in Westchester — firing off 14 shots at his helpless victims — was sentenced to nine years in prison on Wednesday, officials said.

Brendan Cronin, 28, gave a meek apology for nearly killing the two men as he made a brief statement at Westchester County court before a judge ordered him to a sentence hammered out during a previous plea deal, according to the Journal News.

“I am truly sorry,” he said.

Cronin opened fire on a car carrying Joseph Felice and hockey teammate Robert Borrelli in Pelham just before midnight on April 29, 2014, officials said.

The cop had spent that day at the NYPD firing range at Rodman’s Neck in the Bronx, then drank with friends from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., downing 10 servings of beer and Hennessy whiskey, according to court papers.

Felice and Robert Borrelli were driving home from a hockey game when Cronin “stepped out of the shadows” and fired 14 times at their ride.

Felice was shot six times and narrowly escaped death, officials said. Borrelli was unharmed.

Cronin drove off but was stopped a few blocks away by Pelham police. He told investigators at the time that he didn’t remember what happened.

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