In February, A Leader Of Russian Organized Crime Nearly Met With Donald Trump In Washington, D.C.

Posted on April 02, 2017, 9:03 pm
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1. Alexander Torshin was once a leader of Putin’s United Russia Party and a senator in the Duma before being named deputy governor of the Bank of Russia in 2015. [From below article]
2. Torshin is considered a “godfather” like figure in Russian organized crime, according to international law enforcement. [From below article]
3. Torshin is a key figure in the Kremlin’s outreach to the conservative movement in the United States. [From below article]
4. In addition to his appearance at the Prayer Breakfast — an event he has been attending for the past several years — Torshin is also a “life member” of the National Rifle Association — an organization that spent more than $30 million in support of President Trump’s campaign. [From below article]
5. While attending last year’s NRA convention in Louisville, Ky., Torshin was introduced to Donald Trump Jr. at a private dinner at a Louisville restaurant, according to three sources familiar with the encounter. [From below article] [The Intellectualist]


Yahoo News:

The White House abruptly canceled a scheduled meeting in February between President Trump and Alexander Torshin, a high-level Russian central banker, after a national security aide discovered the official had been named by Spanish police as a suspected “godfather” of an organized crime and money-laundering ring, according to an administration official and four other sources familiar with the event.

The event had been planned as a meet and greet with President Trump and Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of the Bank of Russia and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, in a waiting room at the Washington Hilton before the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 2. Torshin, a top official in his country’s central bank, headed a Russian delegation to the annual event and was among a small number of guests who had been invited by Prayer Breakfast leaders to meet with Trump before it began.

Alexander Torshin

While the near-meeting averted what could have been, at a minimum, a political embarrassment for the White House, Torshin’s trip to Washington illustrates what some U.S. intelligence sources say appears to be an aggressive Kremlin effort to forge alliances with conservative Republican Party leaders and activists, including figures close to the White House.

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