In Legally Calculating Move, Governor Snyder Attempted To Have Flint Termed ‘Disaster Zone’

Posted on January 19, 2016, 7:24 pm
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In a legally calculating move, the Snyder administration asked President Obama to have Flint, Michigan named a federal Disaster Zone under U.S. law.

While in common speech, Flint is a disaster, particularly for the now poisoned and sick residents of the towns, what happened in Flint does not meet the legal definition of federal Disaster Zone.

Now, you are likely wondering why any of this matters?

Case in point, if President Obama had agreed to Snyder’s assertion that Flint was a federal Disaster Zone that would have implied that the poisoning of Flint was caused by nature (like a storm) rather than by human action or inaction.

If the poisoning of Flint had been caused by nature rather than Snyder and his cronies, then neither the Governor nor the people in his administration could be held legally culpable for the ensuing damage that afflicted Flint.

Governor Snyder intends to appeal the Obama Administration denial of U.S. Disaster Zone status.