John Ossoff’s Republican Adversary Nearly Destroyed The Susan Komen Foundation

Posted on April 20, 2017, 2:53 pm
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There’s something of a three-strikes rule in politics — lose three big races in a row, and you’re out as a top candidate.

Karen Handel is now on her third try. The former Georgia secretary of state lost twice in subsequent bids for statewide higher office — once for governor and once for the U.S. Senate.

Now, because of the conservative bent of the 6th Congressional District, she is likely to be the favorite against Ossoff on June 20.

Karen Handel

But she is about to get a lot more national attention, and her role in an attempt to strip funding to Planned Parenthood from the Susan G. Komen foundation may just keep the liberal base fired up.

Handel is conservative, especially when it comes to abortion rights. After her failed gubernatorial bid in 2010, she joined the Komen foundation. As a vice president, she pushed to eliminate its funding of Planned Parenthood.

After an outcry from women who help fund Komen, the money was restored, and Handel resigned in February 2012. She went on to write a scathing book that detailed her experience and blasted Planned Parenthood. It was called Planned Bullyhood.

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