Judge Forces Trump’s EPA Nominee To Release Emails Between Him And Energy Firms

Posted on February 17, 2017, 9:58 am
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A judge has ruled that Americans have a right to know how much of a relationship Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has with oil and gas leaders before becoming the head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

For years, Pruitt has been an outspoken adversary of the EPA and is currently suing the agency.

In December, President Donald Trump selected Pruitt to lead the agency despite concerns from lawmakers.

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee for the Environmental Protection Agency.

A 2014 New York Times report claimed that Pruitt’s ties to Devon Energy Corporation directly influenced decisions he made while in office in Oklahoma.

Through open records requests, the New York Times obtained a letter written by Devon’s attorneys, which was then taken to Pruitt.

The article states, “The attorney general’s staff had taken Devon’s draft, copied it onto state government stationery with only a few word changes, and sent it to Washington with the attorney general’s signature.”

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