Kellyanne Conway: People Criticize Me Because Of My Gender

Posted on July 16, 2017, 2:08 pm
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At a conservative summit on Saturday, White House adviser and strategist Kellyanne Conway claimed people criticize her not for her behavior or ideas, but because of her gender.

White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway

According to the Hill:

I understand that we’re a nation of charged opinions and partisan rancor, but I do find that most of the vitriol comes from people who don’t know me, and who are very brave on social media,” Ms. Conway said. She continued, “It’s unbelievable how if I say something on a television program, or if the president says something, the reaction is so disconnected from what was just said.”  She added, “But so much of the criticism of me is so gender-based, I pray for my country and I pray for my critics.”

She claims that criticisms made about her by other women, “totally undercuts modern feminism saying that they are for women.”  As a member of the Trump campaign, Ms. Conway supported a candidate who frequently blamed his opponent for her husband’s extramarital dalliances.