Kellyanne Conway: Trump Was Not “Aware” Of Dossier Even Though He Was Briefed About It

Posted on January 11, 2017, 9:19 am
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The Hill:

President-elect Donald Trump‘s top aide Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday said that Trump was not briefed on a summary of an unsubstantiated but explosive dossier that claims Russia collected compromising info on him.

CNN on Tuesday reported that the Intelligence Community briefed the president-elect and President Obama last week about the allegations by appending a two-page synopsis, based on memos written by a former British MI6 operative, to its larger report about Russian meddling in the election.

The dossier has reportedly been circulating through the intelligence community. The synopsis was reportedly included in part to show that Russia was partial to Trump over Hillary Clinton, choosing not releasing damaging information about him.

Conway said late Tuesday that Trump was “not aware” of the two-page synopsis that was presented as an appendix to the main intelligence report.

According to CNN, the memos of the former British operative originated as opposition research and were commissioned by anti-Trump Republicans and later by Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

CNN also noted that while the former MI6 operative now works for a private intelligence gathering firm, his previous work was considered reliable by the U.S. intelligence community and he has deep ties to Russian sources.

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