Pope Francis Has Invited Bernie Sanders To The Vatican; Sanders To Give A Speech There On April 15

Posted on April 08, 2016, 7:01 pm
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Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has accepted an invitation from the Pope to the Vatican.

Mr Sanders, who is Jewish, accepted an invitation to Rome for a conference at the end of next week.

The Vatican visit is four days before the primary contest in New York, a competitive battle between him and front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Mr Sanders said he was not sure whether he would meet the Pope but he was a big fan of the pontiff.

The Vermont senator said they share the same views on inequality.

“He’s trying to inject this sense of morality into how we do economics… and we need that absolutely desperately.”

He will attend a conference on social, economic and environmental issues and give a speech on 15 April, his campaign said.

Mr Sanders and Pope Francis have similar views on fighting income inequality, he said, and he was “very moved” by the invitation from the Vatican.

He said he and the pope disagree on women’s rights and gay rights, but Pope Francis has “injected a moral consequence into the economy”.

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