Trump’s First Quarter Approval Ratings Are The Lowest In Gallup’s History

Posted on April 20, 2017, 2:32 pm
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Donald Trump averaged 41% job approval during his first quarter as president, 14 percentage points lower than any other president in Gallup’s polling history. Bill Clinton had the previous low mark of 55%. The average first-quarter rating among post-World War II presidents elected to their first term is 61%, with John Kennedy’s 74% the highest.

The results are based on Gallup Daily tracking from Jan. 20 through April 19. During this time, Trump’s approval rating ranged from a low of 35% — in the days after Republicans’ failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act — to a high of 46% shortly after his inauguration.

Gallup’s latest estimate of the president’s job approval rating, based on April 17-19 interviewing, is 43%.

No president before Trump had an initial approval rating below 50%. His poor debut followed his subpar ratings on other measures during the presidential campaign and his presidential transition.

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